Our Story

 When the founder deeply resonated with the idea ‘Silver is the new Gold , Tapri was born.

The idea of not wanting to buy expensive jewellery frequently with our changing lifestyle and not wearing inferior quality everyday jewellery, gave us enough reason to start Tapri where luxury meets affordability.

The light weight silver jewellery from Tapri is travel friendly and oozes luxury. We at Tapri emphasize greatly on quality and strive to provide value.

Tapri’s team thrives to create and bring to life the rich, vivid and timeless collections of Indian Jewellery from the hinterlands of India with a contemporary twist.

All our collections are crafted by being mindful of the life and needs of today’s women.

Tapri juxtaposes the old age tradition incorporated in new age life with ease, perfection and grace.

The world of Tapri is now yours to discover.